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Proviron 25mg Magnus X 50 tab

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Active Substance: Masterolone 25 mg/tab

Commercial Names: Mesterolone, Provironum

Recommended Dosage: 50 - 100 mg/day

Active Lifetime: 12 - 13 hours

Brand: Magnus

Country: India

Pack: 50 tablets of 25 mg


Proviron Tablets Description

Proviron 25mg Magnus is a unique steroid, which is why it can be added to any steroid cycle. Proviron 25mg is an anabolic androgenic steroid, but it is not used to build muscle mass and strength, rather for its antiestrogenic properties and ability to give muscles a tough look. Proviron is used by athletes both in defining and bulking cycles, but not for its anabolic properties. Proviron 25mg Magnus acts with a strong androgenic effect, without turning into estrogen. Proviron 25mg Magnus does not stop the body's own testosterone production and even stimulates its production of testosterone in the body.

For athletes, Proviron 25mg Magnus is used as an anti-estrogen, preventing or slowing down the aromatization of other steroids. Proviron 25mg Magnus is used when a low estrogen level and a high androgenic level are desired. For strengthening and increasing muscle density, it combines very well with Winstrol, Primobolan, or Oxandrolone. Combined, Proviron 25mg Magnus has a synergistic effect with other steroids.

Most often, Proviron 25mg Magnus is preferred by athletes in defining cycles. It will give the muscles a hard look, but it will also burn fat directly. Being a potent androgenic steroid, its administration by women should be avoided.


Proviron Tablets Dosages

For men, the recommended dose of Proviron is 25-150 mg/day. These doses are enough to make sure that gynecomastia will not occur. Proviron 25mg Magnus combines well with Tamoxifen. Especially it combines well with powerful steroids such as Dianabol or Testosterone. A combination of 50 mg of Proviron and 20 mg of Tamoxifen has been shown to be extremely effective in such cycles.


Proviron Tablets Safety Information

Proviron 25mg Magnus is well tolerated and side effects in men are rare at doses below 100 mg/day. Proviron 25mg Magnus is one of the best tolerated and safe anabolic steroids. Proviron 25mg Magnus is not used alone, but only with other anabolic steroids. At the end of the cycle, all athletes must do post-cycle therapy.

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