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GFA-RNAst 1000mcg Omstal Pharma

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GFA-RNAst 1000mcg/ml Omstal Pharma 2ml


Innovative Drug For Muscle Growth


Active Substance: IGF-RNAst synthesis stimulator

Brand: Omstal Pharma

Country: Switzerland

Pack: 2ml Vial of 2000mcg

What Is GFA-RNAst? 

The GFA-RNAst is an innovative product developed and produced by Omstall Pharma, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, which is used in sports medicine and also general medicine.

This product is designed for enhancing athletic performance and speeding up recovery from both training sessions and injuries in general. No virilization results from the use of this product, so it can be used by women without any concerns.

GFA-RNAst cannot be detected by any of the standard laboratory tests currently available anywhere in the world.

GFA-RNAst combines well with other anabolic steroids or hormones.

GFA-RNAst to treat trauma:

To treat local trauma, it is recommended to inject multiple injections around the injured area.

GFA-RNAst Effects:

  • Promotes localized muscle growth
  • Reduces the time it takes for an injury to heal
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves mental well-being via neurotransmitter modulation
  • Enhances lipolysis (fat burning)


What Is IGF-1?

In the human body, IGF-1 serves a variety of functions. It is synthesized in the cell and released into the bloodstream by the plasmid encoding this gene (IGF-1).


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