How to pay?

1. After placing your order, please check your email in your inbox and spam and reply to us to confirm your order.

2. After you choose your payment method, we will send you payment details.

3. Very Important! All payment details are available only 24 hours. If this period is exceeded please contact us to be sure that payment details are still available. 

4. Please email us back to confirm the transaction was made. 


Very Important!!!

- All payment details, according to the payment method that you have choosen, are sent individually after you contact us on email.

- Please send money only after you receive payment details from us to avoid any risk of sending money to inexisten accounts.

- To be clear. We don't have any accounts registered under our emails.

- All payment details arfe sent in secured private mode and they are vailable only 1 hour. Details are autodestroyed after you read them.

- Also you must to know next. is part of the Steroid Shops Community. We have a common database with bad faith customers.
This is mean that all customers who, for certain reasons, collect payment information without paying for orders, write to us uncensored or insult our operators, or place false repeated orders will be blacklisted. This means that you will never be able to buy anything from a store that is part of our comunity that is over 300 online stores at the moment. We rely heavily on your common sense.


International Bank Transfer

1. Chose the Bank Transfer option when you place your order on our site. 

2. After you placed your order, you will receive an email from us with terms.

3. Confirm back terms and we will send you payment details. 

4. The transfer can be made from your local bank or using Internet Banking. 

5. After you made the transfer just email us. No need to send any screenshoot confirmations.



- Banks don't allow payment for steroids or pharmaceutical products. For this reason, NEVER specify or your order number, or any other information regarding your order. Kwywords like: steroids, products name or our domain name. As a purpose indicate always donation or gift. In case you indicate other purposes, we will refuse your transfer and will cancel your order.

- We don't charge any transfer fee. However, all the bank transfer fees will be at your responsibility. We must receive the exact amount of your order.


WU or MG

How to pay with Western Union or MoneyGram?

1. You can pay at a point of WU in your city or on WU website with a credit or debit card. We will send you the beneficiary details by email.

2. Beneficiary details can be used only once and they will be available only 1 hour from the moment of sending. 

3. Once you made the transfer, you should send us by email this details:

- MTCN (money transfer confirmation number - 10 digits)
- full name of the sender
- country the transfer was made from
- the exact sent amount

4. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive the money.


Please Note!!!

The minimum amount you can send with WU is 100 USD/EUR/GBP.

For all WU transfers, for the purpose of the payment field, you should write „Donation”.  For the question „Who is the person for you?“ please indicate FRIEND. If you give another purpose of the transfer or the field purpose for payment is left empty, your payment will be canceled.


PP Payments

PP doesn’t accept payments for pharmaceutical products. We try to find new ways for our customers who want to pay using PP. If you want to pay with PP you should know the next things:
- you can use PP only for orders over 120 USD.
- in order to use PP as a payment option you need to have an approved registered account on our website.
- we are not using the redirect page to the PP site for the payment process. We will send you payment details via email.
- we accept PP payment only from personal accounts.
-  if you use PP payments the transfer should be not commercial. This means that there is no need to request a track number confirmation on PP or to indicate any other details like order ID, or shipping details.
- all the order details including the tracking number we send on email, NOT IN PP TRANSFER DETAILS. 
- no other details should be indicated in PP transaction.
- If you process a PP transaction as a commercial one, we will decline the transaction and no longer accept payments from this PP account.
- please read carefully all terms on our website if you want to use PP to pay for your order. 

You can always change the payment method from other options on our website.