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Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg Genesis 10ml

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Tren Steroid For Sale


Active Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg/1ml

Commercial Names: Tren E 200, Trenbolone 200, Finajet, Finaplix

Recommended Dosage: 200-600 mg/week

Active Lifetime: 5-7 days

Brand: Genesis

Country: Singapore

Pack: 1 vial of 10ml


What Is Trenbolone Enanthate?

Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg Injection is a derivative of Nandrolone, with strong anabolic and androgenic properties. Trenbolone Enanthate is an injectable steroid, stronger than testosterone, both as an anabolic agent and an androgen.

What Is Trenbolone Enanthate Used For In Bodybuilding?

Trenbolone Enanthate injection is often used in bodybuilding to achieve a strong anabolic effect and an increase in dense muscle mass without water retention. Trenbolone Enanthate steroid is very effective because it has a short active lifetime and fast action. Trenbolone Enanthate is released slowly into the bloodstream, being active 2 weeks after administration. Usually, bodybuilders and athletes take Trenbolone Enanthate every week.
Trenbolone Enanthate will stimulate strong gains in lean muscle mass and will keep the athlete's weight high and defined. Depending on the desired results, Trenbolone Enanthate combines well with other steroids.

Tren Dosages In Bodybuilding

Trenbolone Enanthate 200 is administered in cycles between 7-10 weeks. Muscle gains and endurance were observed after administration of Trenbolone Enanthate at doses of 150-300 mg/week.

What Are The Side Effects Of Trenbolone Enanthate?

Although Trenbolone Enanthate has a stronger anabolic effect than testosterone, Tren steroid does not turn into estrogen. This will make Tren steroid side effects less pronounced. Androgenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, or hair growth can occur in some cases if you are genetically predisposed. One reason why Trenbolone Enanthate is often used by athletes is that it does not cause water retention in the body.
However, in addition to the muscle growth stimulated by Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg, it will naturally stop the own production of testosterone in the body. Without post-cycle therapy, natural testosterone levels will return to normal in about 2-4 months after administration.

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