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GoGear Delivery Information

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General Information.

✓ We ship 2 times/week.

✓ Track number is provided on Sunday, only.

✓ All parcels are packed stealthy.


Delivery time:

✓ Delivery to EU countries - 7-10 days.

✓ North Continent (USA, Canada) - 10-20 days.

✓ Australia - 20-30 days.

✓ Asia - around 21 days.

NOTE !!! don't ship orders to Japan, Norway, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil.


Shipping Cost

- To not make confusion because of different countries shipping, we decided to make 1 shipping cost for everyone - 15€/18$

Shipping Insurance - What is it ?

The insurance offered by represents a commission of 10% of the total amount of your order. Package insurance is optional. This is offered as an option at checkout.

Who need Insurance?

Normally, no one is spared unpleasant situations. However, from our practice, we advise all our clients to apply for insurance, except the clients from European countries. Delivery in the EU is very loyal.



In which cases does insurance work and what should you do if you have an unpleasant situation?

✓In case you received a damaged product (broken ampoules or vials).

In this case you must take a quality picture of the damaged product and send us the picture by email as proof.

✓ If your order was lost.

In such cases you must go to the post office in your area and ask for a confirmation of the fact that you have not received any package with the respective tracking number in the last 60 days. The confirmation must indicate your full name, the tracking number of the lost package, the date and the wet stamp.

✓ In cases if your order was stopped by customs service from your country.

If your order has been confiscated then you should definitely receive a notification from the customs service in your country. This notification contains your full name with the address and list of confiscated products, date and country of origin of the confiscated package. Please send us this notification and we will send you the package repeatedly free of charge.


NOTE !!!

We recommend you to make medical analysis before you start using any products. In case of intolerance to a specific product, money are not refunded.
- reserve the right not to be responsible for your order if you provided erroneous information (address, name, telephone, etc).
- We are also not responsible for your order if it is not picked-up in time from the post office and has been returned. Due to the fact that these products are in the high-risk category, they are not sent back to our warehouse address, therefore, we don't receive them back. They will be considered lost on your responsibility. We recommend to contact your post office if you have not received a notice from them about that you have an order, in 10-12 days after the order has been shipped. In rare cases these notifications don't reach customers because of certain human errors. But your order is delivered to the post office and is waiting to be picked up. Your order is kept around 7 days and if it is not picked-up, it is sent back.